SEO The Small Business Owners Secret Weapon

Did you know that a SEO Company could make the difference between your small business strugling to survive or dominating your market?

Most business owners have never even heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, let alone the benefits that it could bring to effectively marketing their small buisness. Lets face it advertising your business in the local phone book has gone the way of the dinosaurs! Todays customers have smart phones where any business is at the tip of their fingers. Which makes having a good mobile friendly website that converts these internet surfers into paying customers. 


However it is not good enough to just throw up a website and expect your business to explode over night. Fact is your website need to be at the top of the search results on page 1 to even get seen. Just think about it for a minute. When you do an internet search how often do you click on one of the first listings that appear? How about clicking on to page 2 or 3? If you are like most people hardly ever. So if your website is on one of these back pages it might as well be an expensive listing in the phone book!

So how do you get your business website to the top of the search results? It’s easy you hire a reputable SEO Agency that will come in and modify your website and your online presence giving your website everything it needs to send the right signals to the search engines. Telling them hey look at me I am the best website for this particular search. 


Seo is the future of online business. Some of your competitors are probably already using these online miracle workers, and the business owner that takes advantage of this marketing tool will be the one that prospers and dominates their market in the up coming years.

Are you desperate to hire

Are you desperate to hire employees?

If you are an employer, what are the most important qualifications in an employee? Is it values of a dedicated worker or previous work experience? I believe many people are capable or qualified to do a job –we are all human with a capability to learn and a basic drive to succeed. Unfortunately some individuals are not aware of these opportunities. Even so, they may not have the proper the resources to attain them. Luckily there are some programs that not only provide jobs for the less fortunate but offer career assistance and training. A large organization known as “The Doe Fund” helps New York’s homeless population get back up on their feet.

It’s surprising the number of employers that hesitate to hire someone in need. Immediately they assume a person from on the streets has a severe mental disorder. Google how many homeless people have mental disorders and you’ll find varied statistics. There was an article I found about the relationship between mental illness and homelessness. However I agree with most of the points given from the articles’ comment. He directs the author to this study regarding  perceived mental illness in the homeless.

I’m not suggesting someone immediately hire the first person they see down on their luck. Instead there should be an established system within proximity to every area in need. A more efficient solution of putting people back on their feet first, then connecting them with an employer. I’m aware there are food centers and shelters, even basic psychiatric and medical services; but there must still roadblocks. I still see people on the streets…and it’s not as simple as offering them a job. According to an observation I had last weekend, it’s as simple or as tragic as perceived embarrassment that you are homeless.

Are You A Business Owner

At lunch the other day I was talking with a group of people and I realized how many people either dont know they are business owners, want to start a business but dont know how, or dont really know what being a business owner means.  Here a couple of examples of people who during the course of the discuss discovered that not only were they business owners but that they had been missing out on the benefits of business ownership such as tax deductions and credits.

Do you own rental property?  As a rental property owner you ARE a business.  Depending on the city you live in they may even want you to get a business license for your rental company.  But did you know that all of the expenses of your rental house are business deductions?  Need to replace a water heater, a roof, or a garage door?  Dont forget to claim the cost of it on your taxes as well as the cost of property tax and so much more.
Do you do odd job such as lawn mowing?  If you are a teenage earning money to go to the movies this weekend then you dont need to think of pushing the lawnmower as a business; but if even the older lady across the street pays your husband to mow the lawn that is a business.  This means that not only is the gas in the mower a business expense, but so is: the wear on the mower, the cost of gas in the car to go get gas for the mower, even the trash bags you put lawn clipping in could be a business expense.

What kind of things could you be doing as a business?

Sell Avon
Repair cars
Fix fences
Replace broken mail boxes

There are a lot of small needs out there.  You dont have to quit your day job to be a business person all you need to do is look around for a need and then fill it.

What business would you like to start?

Have you got the Wow Factor in your Business

Have you got the Wow Factor in your Business?

Is this how you feel right now?

You are a brilliant practitioner but you are fed up with figuring out all the business-stuff by yourself?
Your message is a bit fuzzy and you struggle to nail what it is that you really do?
You want marketing strategies that will help you to grow your business and consistently convert interested people into paying clients?
You have fears and challenges that stop you growing your business, and you know it’s your time to get over them?
You want to stand out from everyone else in your profession – write a book or be a speaker, but you don’t know where to start?
You want to learn from someone who has been there, done it rather than making the same mistakes yourself?
You’d love a place to go where you can easily get access to advice and support, and a step-by-step process to get noticed?
Well you’re in the right place.  Come and join us in The Business Wow Factor, the Members Club for Smart and Savvy Solopreneurs.

Hi, I’m Scott P Burton and I often find that solopreneurs (coaches, therapists, consultants, and other ‘people helpers’) come into business to make a difference. They want flexibility and create financial freedom, but they soon find that it’s not as easy as they hoped.

The statistics are pretty shocking. Around 80% never succeed in running a business. What’s worse is that you’ve probably spent thousands of pounds on your training and development.

It’s not that you don’t know your craft or have a passion; it’s everything else – business, marketing, social media, sales, networking and more – that you need to learn quickly in order to succeed in business.

When there are many people like you setting up a similar business each year, it is becoming increasingly difficult to:

Standing Out from the Crowd. Conceptual business image

Stand out from the crowd
Attract the clients who want and will pay for your services
Make the money that will enable you to live your ideal lifestyle
Create that difference in the world that may have spurred you on in the first place
But it’s not all bad news, because that’s where I come in.  If this is resonating with you now, it’s your time to get serious about your business. You can be one of the top 20% of solopreneurs – those who are attracting 80% of the clients and creating 80% of the buzz in the industry.

When you understand the strategies that actually work to get noticed, follow the right steps and put the short cuts in place, nothing will stop you creating your WOW factor in your business.

How to Start Up in the Startup Business

Have you ever had an idea you thought would be a great business venture? Though it seemed too impossible or just plain stupid. No one would find interest in it –I say SPAT! I’ve read articles and heard advice varying from ‘Why it’s Dumb to Work a 9-5 Job’ to ‘How to Make $500 in a day’ to ‘To Make it in Business You Have to Be Comfortable with Failure’. Before you write me off as just another head in the clouds, ask yourself if you know anyone who owns their own business. I’m sure you can name at least one person you know personally well. Have you ever chatted with them and asked them how they got to where they are now? I’m sure it started with a dream. Some sort of motivation had to be there…a passion if you will.

Anyway I’m not here to sell you the idea that it’s easy as bones to start a business, make money, become successful, or quit your day job. I really want to show you that you don’t have to live in a box. And you don’t have to live a life ruled by fear (that’s for another topic). BUT I also believe in rationalization. There needs to be a system to relinquish your dreams –hint: ask your business friend— otherwise, you do have your head in the clouds. Here is one kind of system:

1. Find your passions and talents. Use them.

What is your passion? Is it music? Art? Hell, it may be sci-fi movies. How could you leverage your passion to something that adds value? Regarding the sci-fi enthusiast…how about starting a blog that critiques classic or upcoming sci-fi movies? Also, talents. Talents can be skills. Skills can be honed –which is a good thing. If you’re skilled at making music, consider selling sheet music or accompaniment. Or perhaps you’re more of a techie. In that case, fine tune your talents and formulate your own software and/or customization services.

2. Experiment. Start out small.

Begin a small project with little investment. If it fails, the lesser the loss you will suffer. A friend of mine once started an online retail business. He imported cheaper inventory overseas and sold it locally (in the US) some percentage higher. Of course there’s overhead costs to consider, but the idea in general is simple. Ebay is perhaps more accustom to an amateur (mass online) retailer. They may take away a percentage of your profits but it eliminates a majority of the responsibilities associated with owning your own online store. Another example is selling your own creative work or software. However, there are some costs involved if you want a work to be copyrighted.

3. Create, create, create.

Small projects…many of them! Come up with as many ideas as you can and try recreating them. While you have a blogging business going, consider publishing a book or series about the subject (that’s if you love writing). If the site starts gaining a lot of traffic, network with other businesses and suggest selling their products/services on your site for a majority of their profits. You can have many business ideas linking together or ones you manage separately that are completely unrelated.

4. Trial and error…until you find your golden egg(s).

Some of your startups will fail. This should not come as a surprise to you. If it does, the entrepreneur thing was probably a trend. It’s good to be optimistic but as I said before, it may be wise to be realistic. Maybe a business wasn’t generating enough profit to make the ongoing effort worthwhile…or simply not generating enough income in the long run versus your other investments (i.e. selling T-shirts online may not generate as much return as selling hardware). Know when it’s time to close shop and begin another. Likewise, know when you’ve found the idea that sells! That is, the business or businesses that generate the most income for you after a period of time and investment.

I definitely thought one business was enough. My first business would be so awesomely great that I wouldn’t have to start over. I didn’t even think of starting out small to slowly ease into the experience of generating my own income. I am however, currently opening to the idea of creating other startups that I’m passionate about while I continue growing my current one. For now, I hope some of my own insights were useful. Good luck with your current and future business endeavors!

Do You Need A Business Plan

Do you need a business plan?

I think at one point in our life all of us have an idea for a business.  Some of those ideas are not possible, not something you could ever do, or are based in something that is closer to science fiction then a business.  However,  some of our idea are brilliant!

So why doesnt everyone have a business of their own?

The biggest reason is a failure to plan.  There is an old saying, ” If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.  Let’s face it though most of us dont have time to do a full scale investor, investor and banker driven business plan.  But we still need a plan.  This is where the One Page Business Plan ( comes in so handy.  This allows you to look at what the business is about, what you need to make it work, and most importantly what are you goals and expectations for the business.

Taking the time to go through the process allow us all to think through the elements that make up a business.  We can quickly determine viability, as well practicality of our idea.  But there is one more even more important element.


The difference between being a business owner and just being a dreamer is that successful business owners DO, while employees are still busy WISHING!  It is wonderful to dream and every idea we have wont be ” THE ONE” but if we commit to the process of being people of action we will find that the outcome of action is always RESULTS!