Are you desperate to hire employees?

If you are an employer, what are the most important qualifications in an employee? Is it values of a dedicated worker or previous work experience? I believe many people are capable or qualified to do a job –we are all human with a capability to learn and a basic drive to succeed. Unfortunately some individuals are not aware of these opportunities. Even so, they may not have the proper the resources to attain them. Luckily there are some programs that not only provide jobs for the less fortunate but offer career assistance and training. A large organization known as “The Doe Fund” helps New York’s homeless population get back up on their feet.

It’s surprising the number of employers that hesitate to hire someone in need. Immediately they assume a person from on the streets has a severe mental disorder. Google how many homeless people have mental disorders and you’ll find varied statistics. There was an article I found about the relationship between mental illness and homelessness. However I agree with most of the points given from the articles’ comment. He directs the author to this study regarding  perceived mental illness in the homeless.

I’m not suggesting someone immediately hire the first person they see down on their luck. Instead there should be an established system within proximity to every area in need. A more efficient solution of putting people back on their feet first, then connecting them with an employer. I’m aware there are food centers and shelters, even basic psychiatric and medical services; but there must still roadblocks. I still see people on the streets…and it’s not as simple as offering them a job. According to an observation I had last weekend, it’s as simple or as tragic as perceived embarrassment that you are homeless.