Do you need a business plan?

I think at one point in our life all of us have an idea for a business.  Some of those ideas are not possible, not something you could ever do, or are based in something that is closer to science fiction then a business.  However,  some of our idea are brilliant!

So why doesnt everyone have a business of their own?

The biggest reason is a failure to plan.  There is an old saying, ” If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.  Let’s face it though most of us dont have time to do a full scale investor, investor and banker driven business plan.  But we still need a plan.  This is where the One Page Business Plan ( comes in so handy.  This allows you to look at what the business is about, what you need to make it work, and most importantly what are you goals and expectations for the business.

Taking the time to go through the process allow us all to think through the elements that make up a business.  We can quickly determine viability, as well practicality of our idea.  But there is one more even more important element.


The difference between being a business owner and just being a dreamer is that successful business owners DO, while employees are still busy WISHING!  It is wonderful to dream and every idea we have wont be ” THE ONE” but if we commit to the process of being people of action we will find that the outcome of action is always RESULTS!